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Transactions – 18th Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, Montreal, Canada, 2002 on the theme ‘Food Production under Conditions of Water Scarcity, Increasing Population and Environmental Pressures’
Sub Title: DE-ICID-018(C)
ISBN 10 :  DE-ICID-018(C)
Transactions – 19th Congress on Irrigation and Drainage, Beijing, China, 2005 on the theme ‘Use of Water and Land for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability’
Sub Title: DE-ICID-019(A)
ISBN 10 :  DE-ICID-019(A)
Towards Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas – Principles and Experiences
Sub Title: Tidal area
ISBN 10 :  DE-ICID-014
The Indus Basin – History of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Management
Sub Title: Indus basin
ISBN 10 :  DE-ICID-013
Report of ICID Task Force for Least Developed Countries in Asia
Sub Title: Asia
ISBN 10 :  DE-ICID-012